Thursday, December 16, 2010

A revisitation

`World Made by Hand', a novel written by James Howard Kunstler, is where the author unleashes his imagination into the world he so deftly and convincingly explored in his best selling non-fiction book `The Long Emergency'.
In so many ways, Kunstler closes the circle on the speculative conclusions and dire prognostications inherent in `The Long Emergency.'
Kunstler tells a compelling story set `Sometime in the not-distant future . . .' and diagnoses the calamitous result of society's blind pursuit of a stable technologically driven world.
He draws us into a chaotic world after the end of oil. A world without energy, without systems, without laws, without governance and demonstrates how a small community deals with those problems through trial and error. He shows a re-emergence of a benevolent feudalism, a re-appraisal of community and cooperation and the emergence of local governance.
Kunstler's `World Made By Hand' is full of hope, despite the desperate scenario that unfolds in his imagination. It is a world where resourceful humans survive, adapt and flourish in a bountiful natural world that's so abjectly opposite to our present artificial existence.
It is a novel that should be mandatory reading for every citizen concerned about the planet's uncertain future.
This novel was acclaimed on National Public Radio as one of the top novels of 2008. There are numerous positive reviews of this novel on Amazon.

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