Friday, February 26, 2010

Anti Amazon

Amazon has declared a trade war against Canadian publishers who wish to use Kindle. As a publisher I was impressed when Amazon announced with great fanfare that Kindle readers were now available to Canadians. E-books only account for a small percentage of the book market but it is a growing segment and I wanted to offer my titles. Personally I prefer physical books. I love the layouts, the paper and the designs. I can’t see readers forsaking physical books en masse to use the latest technology, but for transit commuters, airplane passengers etc., I acknowledge that e-books have a place.
The kindle E-books can use Kindle downloads from Amazon. They are cheap compared to a paper and print book but few Canadian titles are available as Kindle downloads, there are even fewer South African titles, or Australian titles because for a publisher to make Kindle e-book formats available through Amazon, they must have a US Bank Account. A US dollar bank account in Canada does not suffice, it has to be a US dollar bank account physically located within the United Sates.I have located another retail platform which not only offers Kindle e-book downloads, but also has formats for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader and IRex Iliad. So I’d suggest that you visit and boycott Amazon. I am testing my first title, The Mercedes Variation, on smashwords, you can even sample up to 20% of the book free before you decide to download the entire book.

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