Sunday, January 9, 2011

Young at Heart(?)

Love poetry is probably one of the first modes that inspires us to put pen to paper. We connect with our interior selves and with another in a meaningful, almost spiritual way. We need to express that 'feeling' and so write it down.
Love poetry is often the genre for young writers who are in the throes of passionate energies that older adults do not permit to flourish in such an unbridled manner, yet love poetry has an honourable tradition.William Shakespeare's sonnets are revered, and none can doubt the romantic works of Donne, Shelley or Brooke and hosts of others.
I never expected to revisit this genre except as a reader, but recently the Universe has smiled on me and put in my path a wondrous female. I was moved and so was she. I had to write about it - that's what writers do. My poem was selected as a monthly winner at: and she liked it too!

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